Vermont Maple Open House Weekend

In just four days, Vermont Maple Open House Weekend will yield liquid gold from Vermont’s finest maple trees.  People from throughout the Northeast will travel to Vermont and take part in the traditional tasting of the words finest maple syrup, taffy on the snow, and maple cotton candy.  
Inn Victoria invites you to Chester, VT on the two weekends maple sap flows the most:
  • The official Open House Maple Sunday, March 28
  • The 5th of April, Easter Weekend

Make your own maple taffy on each of these weekends, pour it on a fresh bed of snow, roll it onto a spoon just like the old days and enjoy a great, sweet snack. Call Inn Victoria in Chester, VT, a Romantic Bed and Breakfast, for directions on where to go for the fun.  While you are at it, register for Easter Dinner at Inn Victoria.


Penny and Dan Cote

Owners of Inn Victoria, a Chester, Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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