So, you Want to be an Innkeeper? 

When Yankee Magazine wanted to learn about innkeeping, they came to the owners of Inn Victoria, Penny & Dan Cote.  Award-winning owners of this beautiful 1851 Victorian Inn since 2010, the Cotes have defined the Art of Innkeeping, as evidenced through hundreds of exceptional reviews on TripAdvisor, Google Plus, and others. These two committed professionals not only speak to the topics of innkeeping, but actually perform to the highest standards. Invest 2 nights at Inn Victoria & 2 days with Penny & Dan. Time with the Cotes is designed to be a relaxed yet structured conversation.

 Learn what it takes to own and run your own hospitality business:

  • What you need to know about finding the right bed and breakfast or inn for you
  • How to operate the business
  • The financial realities of cash flow, operating income, costs, payroll and much more
  • How to attract customers and at what cost
  • How to & why should you plan the exit strategy before buying the inn of your dreams

 Upon arrival you will be presented with:

  • A short list of questions that will focus some thought toward your dream
  • An agenda which will serve as a discussion guide for the conversations and activities to follow

While presenting an eye-opening experience, the time with the Cotes will take you behind the scenes and provide an opportunity to mix it up with other guests.  Although this package is available throughout the year, it is not available on holidays or through the fall foliage season.  $750

Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria