Vermont Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

A horse drawn sleigh ride in the Vermont countryside is romance at its best say; Penny & Dan Cote, owners of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast.  “We promote two outstanding sleigh rides”, says Penny:  Taylor Farm & Grafton Ponds.The warming sunshine of March is beautiful during a spring sleigh ride through the woods of VT.  This is also the time of year when the sweet sap of maple trees is collected to make Maple Syrup.  Imagine sleighing through the woods of VT and observing the maple syrup collection process.  “Our favorite maple sugar house is Mitch’s Maples of Chester, VT”; says Penny.  While in the area, visit this family business and enjoy a free tour of how maple syrup and taffy is made, enjoy the tastings and relax in the village of Chester.  In fact if you travel to the area during the last weekend of March, you’ll be amazed at the number of sugar houses open for business; you’ll LOVE it!

Penny & Dan Cote

Owners of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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  1. We are wanting to visit Vermont next December I have a couple questions you have a sleigh rides for couples only?
    2. Or sleigh rides available at dusk or right?
    3. Can you provide the amenities on site? Breakfast restaurants dinner etc.
    4. Are you open or closed for Christmas ?


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