HIGH TEA at Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed & Breakfast

Looking for something special to do while in the Okemo area?  Enjoy High Tea at Inn Victoria, Vermont’s award winning, romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast.  The following photographs of ladies enjoying High Tea at Inn Victoria, represent very impressive hat creations.  Each of these groups designed their own hats for this very special occasion.

The first set of photos is of a New England Tea Group which meets monthly at a special spot of their choosing within one of the North East states.  Each week smaller segments of the group meet within their community.  They represent states from Maine to New York. Since their larger tea party here at Inn Victoria in late July, some have returned with additional friends.   FUN!

The second set of Photographs are of a family of ladies from Vermont & Connecticut who came together for this special occasion.  Grand mom and the girls created the dresses, hats and crochet gloves.  These two groups were so much fun and creative that we thought it would be good to share their creativity via the Inn Victoria Blog.

Penny & Dan Cote

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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria