Where do Innkeepers of an Okemo Lodging, Bed and Breakfast, Have Dinner?

Ahhh, the life of of an innkeeper can be a 25/8 job, say many people…..But I LOVE MY work!  Take today for instance; I woke early but only had 13 steps for my commute.  I served breakfast, the best in Chester, VT and perhaps in the entire state of Vermont.  This little business of ours; Inn Victoria an Okemo Lodging Bed and Breakfast, is so popular these days that we had people walk in off the street looking for breakfast.  “Why not”, says Penny…”come on in and enjoy”!  Ok, so we set for 6 more very content people.

Today i am finishing a new floor in the dining room; I love working with my hands.  So far, I am loving what I do so much I nearly forget all the years of toiling at a desk trying to please the CEO who was so far removed from reality that he’d forgotten what a real working person does for a living.  Today the CEO I work with is truly a partner, Penny, the woman I love.  We enjoy time together, and we enjoy fulfilling a life long dream of serving others in a comfortable, encouraging environment.

We had dinner at the Fullerton Inn and Restaurant on the green in Chester, just a few doors down from Inn Victoria.  The food was fantastic!  Nancy & Brett Rugg have really done a great job at encouraging the chef to explore and reach for the best meals he can create.  Penny had the Lasagna and I had the duck paired with a very nice French Pino Noir.  When visiting Chester, there are several very good restaurants within walking distance of Inn Victoria, and without a doubt the Fullerton Inn serves up a great meal.  Oh…and to add a perfect event to a great day, Chester’s Summer Music Festival on the Green was entertaining us while we dinned on the front porch of the Fullerton Inn.

Sound like fun?………..try it.  Each Thursday for the next several weeks in the summer, Chester will host music on the Green.  Enjoy!




Penny and Dan Cote
Owners, Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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