President Appreciation day at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

For those of you who have had the opportunity to indulge in Penny’s fine cooking, you will understand when I say “Penny deserves an appreciation day as often as I can get her away from the kitchen”!  She is amazing!
A few weeks ago we had a guest who could only eat glouten free food.  Penny went right to work custom designing a menu for this lady. After two days of Penny’s glouten free cooking especially for this lady, she and her husband went home feeling like a king and queen.  YES!!!!  We love to see our guests happy!

Well needless to say Penny deserves a recognition day here and there; after all she is the BEST boss I’ve ever worked for….by far!  Look at that face….I think she is due another appreciation day…don’t you?  After another trip to Friendlies Ice cream …..I am running of ideas, give me some ideas to make some brownie points, please.

Keep smiling,


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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria