Fun in the Okemo Valley, Vermont

As spring strengthens its grip on Vermont, I am tempted to take pictures of the multitude of pastel colors which blossom from tree buds.  Rachel and I drove to Norwich University in Northfield today and we were simply in awe at the beauty of the small tree buds as they created a variety of fresh colors for the forest and mountainous landscape.  Of course the further north we traveled, the less vivid the colors…the return trip was even more spectacular as each variety of tree yielded a different shade of red, green and brown.  Yes, fall is spectacular in Vermont, but spring offers its own beauty as well.  The streams are swelling with ice cold and crystal clear water, the fields are starting to turn green and within just a few weeks the fruit trees will be in full bloom!…Can’t wait.

I want to share a web site from a fellow blogger who does a fantastic job at documenting the typical Vermont Lifestyle, but does so in a simple and fresh manner.  Please go to and look through Erica Houskeeper’s blog…you’ll be a regular.  She paints Vermont just as it is!

Keep smiling, from Dan at Inn Victoria, Chester Vermont.

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  1. Hi Penny and Dan,<br /><br />Thanks so much for mentioning Happy Vermont! You have such a beautiful inn and Chester is such a wonderful town. I look forward to meeting you both soon!<br /><br />Erica

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