Penny’s idea of a Romantic Victorian in South Central Vermont

Ok…..I’ve had enough!  Dan is spending way too much time blogging and marketing.  He is too busy doing marketing and not enough time building rooms!  So far since he’s been here he has only:
* Renovated one bathroom
* Built one pantry
* Installed one gas fireplace
* Applied for one permit to renovate the Cottage
* Started renovation in Alice bathroom
* Started a new bathroom in the Beatrice
* Renovated one storage room into a bedroom…called Princes Louise

What is it with that Boy?……You’d think he could move faster.  The “honey-do” list is getting longer as he falls behind!……oh, I meant to say “as he loses his behind”!  Look at this!

As Dan would say….”Keep smiling”.

Penny, President, CEO, THE BOSS
Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria