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WOW…’ve got to see this!!!!
 We were blessed to host a wedding this weekend for a wonderful couple on their way to San Diego.  Look at what they left behind!
 There seems to be a tradition in the works that our newlyweds absolutely LOVE!  That is to write their own love message in the closet of their room.  Do you know what room this is?
Here is the lovely couple…..

Inn Victoria

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joesgoober 1 contribution
Shaftsbury, Vermont
Apr 18, 2010 | Trip type: Couples New
My fiance and I got married in the inn, April 17, 2010.. It was beautiful! The innkeepers, Penny and Dan LOVE what they do and make it their goal to please everyone.. Both our immediate families came and Penny and Dan were very engaging and everyone was very happy 🙂 The wedding was beautiful – and the dinner they provided after was delicious!!!! My new husband and I spent the night in the Victoria room and it was very relaxing and wonderful… If you are ever in the area DEFINITELY stay there!! It’s gorgeous inside and out and the innkeepers are amazing!!!!!
I’ll post more on the Kirsten & Joe’s wedding in a few days……I am swamped with Bathroom building right now!…:)

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