Manchester United Fans Adopt A Pinske Bear

If you’ve not met Barre Pinske, world famous chain saw carver, or seen his work then you are missing out on some spice of life.  The joy of watching wood carving art come to life is a pleasure for people like us who get to mingle with the likes of Barre on a day to day basis here in Chester, VT.  But for many others, who live too far away, they simply have to export Barre’s art.  These Manchester United Fans from the UK (season ticket holders for years) have just adopted one of Barre’s little critter’s.

Just a few short hours after his adoption, this bear was packed and ready for travel to the UK.  Penny and I chronicled his travels as he departs the village of Chester, VT.  Upon his arrival at the Heathrow Airport in London, he was spotted among the baggage attempting his escape.

Finally after arriving and unpacked, with his winter scarf on…. “Chester” the bear is happy in his new home!



Welcome Home Chester!

Penny & Dan Cote; Owners of Inn Victoria, Chester, VT a Romantic Bed and Breakfast




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