We LOVE Inn Victoria in Chester, VT

Friends on Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp & TripAdvisor, make a BIG difference in the lives of Innkeepers….here is an especially inspiring note from TripAdvisor.

Hi!!!! I stayed there this weekend and loved, loved, LOVED your inn!!! It is my new absolutely MUST stay location for when I am in VT. Rachel was positively our favorite part of the whole experience and is, without a doubt, 80-90% of the reason we are most definitely coming back! She clearly does not just enjoy her job, but Rachelhas a PASSION for the inn, the guests, and bringing joy and happiness to every
one there. The energy and warmth that she brings to every room she walks through is not something that can be trained or taught, it clearly comes from the heart and soul. She has made lifelong Inn Victoria guests out of my girlfriend and I! (She also somehow managed to arrange for there to be a shooting star for us when we wen
t out into the secret garden to stargaze, which is… impressive to say the least! ;-)) lol I did have one question for you all though: I saw that you guys sell the sheets you use on the beds on your website, and my girlfriend has told me in no uncertain terms
that we absolutely MUST get a set of those for our bed. However, I was wondering if you happened to know how thick of a mattress they can fit? (I have had problems before with ordering sheets online and finding that they can’t fit a 12″ thick memory foam mattress…) Thank you so much for the single most amazing weekend in the past 10 years, and I made sure I gave you guys a glowing review on trip adviser!!! Keep doing what you are doing, oh, and please tell Rachel she has AMAZING taste in tea. Next time I will bring her some of one of my favorites to share, Lapsang Souchong!

Penny, Rachel & Dan cote are the owners of Inn Victoria, a Romantic, Chester, VT Bed & Breakfast in the heart of the Okemo Valley Region


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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria