Romantic Lakeside Breakfast in Rangeley, Maine

Where do innkeepers go for a quiet getaway?  The owners of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Bed and Breakfast of Chester, Vermont, go to a cabin in the woods of Maine.  While visiting their favorite quiet / secret spot, Penny and Dan enjoy breakfast, lakeside at Moosely Bagles in Rangely, Maine.  Loosely Bagels does not have a website so you will need to go to TripAdvisor to read customer postings for this wonderful spot.  Here is an excerpt from a posting the Cote’s gave today:

IMG_0722  IMG_0719


” We so enjoyed relaxing on the outdoor deck while watching a family of geese eat their breakfast as well, and of course the magnificent views of the lake.  This is truly a special and beautiful place. ” 


Every so often the road leads to Rangeley for the Cote’s time of renewal and relaxation.  Ask them about Rangeley, they have plenty of stories to share; they have been visiting the area for over 30 years.

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