Irene Floods Chester, Vermont and Spares Inn Victoria

There is no question that Irene did serious damage to Central Vermont, but it also spared a great number of businesses including Inn Victoria, The best rated Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast.  After the waters receded and the work crews cleared the roads, we are able to travel anywhere in Vermont.  Although the roads are safe to travel with temporary fixes, it will take months to permanently repair the damage to roads & bridges.  Some homes and businesses located along side streams and brooks may never be replaced because the heavy rain caused some stretches of stream-beds to shift.  It is terrible to see the destruction of homes and businesses along side of these small babbling brooks, that for a short few hours became raging killers.  With that said…Vermont is not destroyed.  Vermont remains a very beautiful state.  This by no means destroyed the beauty of Vermont.  The ski resorts are still in full operation, the leaves on the trees are still here awaiting the fall transformation of colors, the quaint little towns and villages which give Vermont its charm are still just as beautiful, Inn Victoria and many other beautiful historical Inns remain safe…and the list goes on.
We have had many phone calls asking if Inn Victoria is still viable.  “Yes, of course” Penny responds.  “We’ve been blessed with NO damage at all”.  And this is true for 95% of Chester and surrounding communities.  We were able to use Inn Victoria as a temporary shelter during the storm, and for that we are most grateful.  
I have included some pictures of some spots within Chester that you may recognize….these were scary moments to be sure.  The water was rising at a very fast pace while we took these photos.  
Penny & Dan Cote

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