Gifts for a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Penny and I have often said we are blessed beyond compare to own Vermont’s most respected and honored “Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast“.   True, the ownership of such a prestigious business is a wonderful experience.  The real blessing however is the fellowship with our guests. Some offer special blessings through their gifts.  So many people from Australia, Germany, South Africa, Paraguay, UK, Canada, the US and many more locations have given us gifts of their local culture or simply gifts of appreciation and friendship.  WOW…blessed to be sure. 
This family from Maine gave us a family heirloom Victorian rocker.  It is in great shape and is enjoyed by many who visit Inn Victoria.  Frequent visitors to this Okemo Lodging, this couple will sit and relax in the chair with a smile knowing it is being enjoyed by many.
We are constantly amazed at the true generosity and friendship that comes our way.  Such was the case when this couple gave us a gift of Burdicks Chocolates after learning that Penny LOVES 
L.A. Burdicks Chocolates of Walpole NH.  What a pleasant surprise!

Just when we think we’ve been blessed beyond compare, another wonderful couple learns of our love for wine, goes out to the car and digs out a red and white bottle of very luscious wines.  The white was chilling in the car cooler and they gave it to us!…..needles to say the wines went to great use!

Blessed by great friends….we’ll always remember!
Penny & Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast 

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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria