Inn Victoria Recommends The Black Rock Steakhouse in Springfield, VT

Inn Victoria, Vermont’s Best rated Romantic Bed and Breakfast, recommends The Black Rock Steakhouse in Springfield, VT for a very good reason…It is the BEST steakhouse I’ve ever eaten at in VT.  Sounds a bit over the top; you say?  Not at all.  I’ve eaten at some of the world’s finest steakhouses and I can assure you that the Black Rock Steakhouse rivals the best of the best in VT.
Located only 11 miles from Inn Victoria in a small strip mall along Rt # 106 in Springfield, the restaurant is well decorated and finished with fine woodwork.  Comfortable, yet not over the top, the interior finish is conservative enough to allow for a very nice setting at a reasonable price.  Of course the food is outstanding.  My daughter Rachel, ordered the NY sirloin steak on the rock and I ordered the baked haddock.  Take a look at Rachel’s steak…it is huge!  If you like steak, you’ll love the experience of cutting through a 2 ” steak  with ease and cook it to your delight on the hot square stone.  YES…the steak is big enough for two people.  It comes out seared on both sides and you have to slice it into strips in order to cook it to your liking.  Savour the taste, it is the Best !
My haddock was perfect…the fish was definitely fresh from the Boston docks.  You’ll love the full salad bar to complement the meal.  This is a very good quality salad bar with very good selections that are appropriately replenished.
Enjoy the pictures.  The restaurant has been open for about 8 weeks now and I’ve been twice with plans to return soon.  I really like this place!

Penny & Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont,Bed and Breakfast

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