The Stone Villiage in Chester Vermont

Have you heard of the Stone Village in Chester Vermont?  Each day we go for a three mile walk around the old part of town and go directly through the Stone Village.  It is 1.2 miles from Inn Victoria Chester Vermont, down Church street toward Rt 103 which is North Street.  The Village is directly on Rt 103 1.4 miles from the heart of Chester.  Not only is it a nice walk, but the pleasure of looking at these beautiful buildings is simply fabulous.

We have come to know three families who live in the Stone Village: 
Bonnies Bundles Dolls
Stone Cottage Collectible Bed & Breakfast
Brian and Karen Morris….Brian is an Englishman from Liverpool England who is a true musician.

They take great pride in these old 1840’s homes.  My favorite is the church…..let me know your thoughts!

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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria