Bed Bath and Beyond in Chester Vermont

Ahhhhhhh….I can’t wait to get these rooms completed.  They will be stunning!…even if I do say so myself!  Thus far the Beatrice is 1/3 striped to the walls and the floor is removed in order to put in some plumbing.  We will put in a nice shower, toilet and vanity in this part of the room.  The electrical is all but complete, with the ventilation fan yet to put in.  After that I start on the plumbing….should be fun!

Look at the construction of this place….it is amazing!  two courses of brick on the outside wall, then 1/2 inch layer of masonry plastered on the inside wall with a hand painted yellow, and a stenciled black design at the ceiling level and floor……approximately 50 years later in the early 1900’s the room was renovated with a 1″ course of wood members nailed to the masonry and topped with wood lathe, and in turn topped with a 1/2 inch of plaster……then wallpapered.  Everything is put together with square nails of the period.  I am doing my best to keep as much of the flavor of the room as it was originally …..but it does NEED a bath!

Penny did a great job with these photo’s…..

Here is the Alfred’s bath without any of its old fixtures…….all have been removed and a slipper tub will be installed within two weeks with a nice granite top vanity and a BIG corner shower with overhead rain head.

The fan will go in this spot…………do you know where this is in the room?

The floor trench I dug for the piping to the new slipper tub….look at the floor…..this room has gone through four renovations in the past……four floors!  LOL, and I am adding # 5

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