Christmas High Tea at Inn Victoria; Chester, Vermont

High Tea at Christmas has become a tradition at Inn Victoria in Chester, VT.  These ladies simply couldn’t wait and so enjoyed a family outing this weekend.  “With all the Christmas decorations, High Tea is truly an exceptional experience!”

IMG_1023Call for your reservation and hold your seats for Dec 19 & 20.  Christmas High Tea at Inn Victoria will host Live Christmas music from Walt Sayer, some hymns and even a singalong if you wish to join in.

High Tea at Inn Victoria boasts one of the finest in the world according to Pam Lanier, Inc. and of course many, many previous guests!  Enjoy a traditional scone, cucumber sandwiches, shrimp or turkey sandwiches, fruit and berries, chocolate goodies, strawberries dipped in chocolate, various sweets, clotted cream direct from the British Isles and of course, Inn Victoria’s own lemon curd.  Tea selections exceed 50 and are a delight to all who participate.  Come, and enjoy High Tea at Inn Victoria in Chester, Vermont on the weekend of Dec 19 & 20 at 3PM each day.

Penny Cote, owner of Inn Victoria in Chester, VT





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Inn Victoria

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