Mom’s Tea Cup Collection, Gifted to Inn Victoria

When Evelyn and Barry drove through the village of Chester, VT; they loved it.  A few months later they walked into the parlor of Inn Victoria with these precious gifts, Penny and I were absolutely stunned. 

Look at the beauty of these elegant
tea cups from around the world.  Every color and shape one could imagine!  “These once belong to my mom, and we want them to have a good home”; said Evelyn and Barry.

Penny and I are constantly amazed at the graciousness of so many people that come to Inn Victoria bearing gifts like this in hopes of placing their precious possessions in the hands of someone who will care for them and yet be used by people who can appreciate and respect their value.  WOW!….talk about a huge blessing!  Evelyn and Barry are new to the Okemo Valley Region; moving here from NYC, they have chosen Chester, VT as their new home.  Construction on a house begins this summer.  I am sure we will see much more of them over the coming months and years.

Penny & Dan Cote, Owners of Inn Victoria
Jessica, Inn Keeper


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Inn Victoria

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