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New Voices, Misty Valley Book Store’s annual weekend featuring newly published authors is back for it’s 20th season!  It’s hard to believe that this our 20th year of having promising debut authors in Chester .
If you haven’t attended before, consider coming this year. Take a look at this great line-up: Rebecca Walker, Shahan Mufti, Rhonda Riley, Elaine Neil Orr, and Peter Swanson. Wine, dine, and ski with the authors.  New Voices 2014 is on Saturday, January 25, at 2:00 PM at the Stone Church in Chester
Shahan Mufti 
The Faithful Scribe
Shahan Mufti’s family history, which he can trace back 1,400 years to the inner circle of the prophet Muhammad, offers an engrossing perspective on the frequently mystifying history of Pakistan

Elaine Neil Orr
A Different Sun                       
Emma Davis, a plantation owner’s daughter who longs for adventure, is smitten by Henry Bowman, the handsome and passionate preacher visiting her backwoods Georgia community in 1840.

Rebecca Walker
Known for her brilliant, frank memoirs, Rebecca Walker returns with Adé, a poetic, lushly written debut exploring the themes of memory, longing, passion, and loss- the story of a free-spirited American woman and a Swahili Muslim man who fall in love on the exquisite island of Lamu, off the coast of Kenya.

Peter Swanson
The Girl with a Clock for a Heart
On an ordinary Friday evening at his favorite Boston tavern, George Foss’s comfortable, predictable life is shattered when a beautiful woman sits down at the bar, the same woman who vanished without a trace twenty years ago. Liana Dector isn’t just an ex-girlfriend, the first love George couldn’t forget.

Rhonda Riley
The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope
The story of Adam Hope begins as WWII ends. Evelyn Roe finds what she thinks is a badly injured soldier on her family’s farm in rural North Carolina and literally unearths him. But she quickly discovers he is a very unique stranger, not a man, and not one of us.

Penny and Dan Cote, Owners of Inn Victoria of Chester, Vermont

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