Breakfast at Inn Victoria is Okemo Valley’s BEST

Want to enjoy the BEST breakfast in the Okemo Valley?  Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont bed and breakfast has what you are looking for.  It is amazing how many people register with us and say; “we’ve been told the breakfast at Inn Victoria is heavenly”!  In fact, we lost count at the number of people who have walked in off the street (without a room reservation) asking for breakfast, having been told by friends this is the place to have the BEST breakfast ever!

Each day, Inn Victoria serves a three course gourmet breakfast.  As a starter today, we enjoyed a raspberry and lemon yogurt muffin, still warm when placed on the table.  For the second course, a fresh baked apple with cinnamon and mascarpone cheese.  Just when you think you’ve enjoyed a wonderful, light breakfast….out comes the savory, main dish.

A Light Crape Shell With the Fix-ins

Imagine a light crape shell for breakfast with baked chive, cheddar cheese, garlic, two eggs over medium, covered with a fresh tomato puree and a touch of cilantro!

Penny has made this an exceptional dish at Inn Victoria.  Here it is; a savory dish with Vermont maple syrup sausage and pan fried red potatoes.

Penny & Dan Cote
Owners; Inn Victoria, a Bed and Breakfast Okemo Vermont

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