Breakfast by Penny at Inn Victoria

Okemo Valley’s Best Romantic Bed and Breakfast, Inn Victoria from Chester Vermont, is the home of the finest gourmet breakfast in Vermont.  Guests of Inn Victoria have no disagreement with this statement.  In fact, so many of our guests have asked for recipes that Penny and I agreed to host one blog per week on the topic of food…. food created & served at Inn Victoria.  

Penny is known for creating breakfast dreams and simply calling them whatever comes to mind.  Take for example,  this beautiful wafer looking sandwich of berries and yogurt ….what shall we call it?  Well lets take a look at what its made of and how to go about it.

1.  Bake wantons to a light crisp and allow them to cool on a cooling wire rack
2.  Mix vanilla bean Greek yogurt with lemon curd to a light touch of lemon flavor without altering
     the rich texture of the yogurt.
3.  Place one wanton in the center of the plate
4.  Dab a bit of yogurt onto the wanton
5.  Place five ripe, juicy berries of your choosing onto the yogurt
6.  Dab some more yogurt onto the berries
7.  Gently place the top wonton on the top of the yogurt and berries
8.  Sprinkle your favorite sweetener; cocoa, maple sugar, confectionery sugar…
9.  Add a mint leaf for additional charm, scent and taste

Don’t try to crack through the wanton with a knife or fork….just pick up the top wafer with your fingers and take a bite…go for it!

Some might cal this a breakfast wafer, some may call it dream # 2 because it is course # 2 in a three course gourmet breakfast.  Until a blog reader comes up with a better name (and I hope someone does)…I’ll simply call it Penny’s breakfast concoction #9.

Penny & Dan Cote
Owners, Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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