Vermont Weddings and Romantic Elopements

This lovely couple took the term “romantic getaway” to a whole new level!  Helina and Adrian visited with us for a couple of days this weekend, each secretly creating their own set of surprises for the others enjoyment….ah, and what fun!

It all started when Helina called for the reservation; here desire was to have a series of clues posted around the inn for Adrian to find and solve riddles.  It was a blast to watch as he scrambled to find the next clue while each new guest walked in to watch in amazement at the fun we were all having.  In fact, some guests got into the action trying to participate!  The culmination was a chocolate lava cake with birthday candles on it for Adrian to enjoy, his favorite!  Penny made it special for him just minutes before he and Helina arrived….it was still warm!

Adrian was a very happy man!

Just as we think the story is finished and all ends well for the weekend, Adrian pulls his secret surprise from the hat; an engagement proposal!  Look at that ring!

Adrian woke Helina up out of bed at 4:30 in the morning to take a drive to the Weston Priory, watch the sun rise and make a formal proposal of marriage.  They arrived back at the inn at 6:30 am with these beautiful smiles!

This couple put a whole new spin to the Romantic Bed and Breakfast in Chester Vermont!!!


Dan and Penny Cote, Owners of Inn Victoria

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