The BIG Screen comes to Inn Victoria

In preparation for the Jane Austen Birthday Celebration, to be held on the weekend of December 17 – 19, we thought it would be fun to experiment with a home movie theater system.
WOW!!!!!!…………….Look at this!  We purchased an 8′ X 10′ screen and hung it from the ceiling, placed the LCD projector on an opposite wall and ….yahooo we have a great system going.  The sound is through a portable I speaker which gives incredible movie theater effects.  The system has been in place one week and we’ve watched two movies on it & held one business meeting using power point presentations.  
The Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce held a meeting here last week hosting Orbitz Worldwide        
I think Inn Victoria Chester Vermont is ready for the Jane Austen Birthday Celebration on Dec 17 – 19… the way, we are nearly half booked for this event; you may want to make your decision very soon!

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