Spring Time in Chester Vermont

I love spring and I love Fall.  Rarely in the last 25 years have i had the time to smell the freshness of spring, watch the tree buds grow into leaves over a two week period, smell the flowers that open from new warmth after winter’s chill has finally given up.

New to Vermont, I guess it is simply the time and place that I am now in….but wow!  Take a walk along a stream and observe the new life that is all around.  Look long and hard at the tree buds as they burst into leaves.  Look for a while in a stream and you may even see a trout swim upstream.  Just take the time to observe Vermont for all it has to offer…. magnificent!

Here is a sample of what is happening out there this week as the warmth draws the best of what winter hid so well.  Being new to an area of beauty helps me take acute notice of my surrounding where perhaps others may take home for granted.  Each week there is a new discovery I find in South Eastern Vermont in the Okemo Valley….in time I will send more pictures.

OH……you want an update on the bathroom situation at Inn Victoria in Chester Vermont?  Sure thing.  My next blog will give you a real laugh.  For you handy folks at home….this will tug at your heart for sure….stay tuned!

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