Dan’s Plumbing Exploits at Inn Victoria in Chester Vermont

ok  ok…. I understand that a blog about plumbing at Inn Victoria in Chester Vermont, may not be an exciting topic for many folks.  Stay with me on this, it is worth it!

As I reported in a few blogs back, I’ve been building one bathroom from scratch in order to add an additional room & remodeling another.  Well this is a 161 year old Victorian, and so electrical and plumbing is dynamic to say the least.  So I hired two good professionals to help me.  Rich Stocker of Stocker Plumbing and Frank Gould of Gould Electric in Springfield Vermont, are both great guys and at the top of their profession.  I can do the rest, fixture installation, new walls, finish, exhaust fans, etc.  I’ve worked hard to weave my work in between these two guys so that I am constantly one day ahead of them so they are efficient with their time when here.

Yesterday i felt so good about being ahead of the plumber when I finished screwing my last floor board down over his work….ready for finish flooring I said to Penny!  The next day Rich walked in and asked if I would remove the flooring underlayment near the shower.  “I think there is a nail in the drain pipe”..says Rich.  No way…can’t be, say I as i undo the flooring to prove my point.

Well……..I am just glad Rich is a great guy as well as a professional plumber.  Look closely at this picture.  I screwed the flooring down directly over the dead center of this pipe.

Fun times at Inn Victoria!

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