Princess Beatrice

It is done!!!!!!  Princess Beatrice at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont now has its own private bath.  Take a look at the pictures below!  A 36″ shower with Victorian polished bronze fixtures,  a TOTO energy efficient toilet, and a beautiful above vanity top porcelain bowl sink with raised Victorian bronze fixtures.
Ahhh and best of all an ultra quiet exhaust fan.  The 15 panel french glass door is over two hundred years old, removed from a local building.  We preserved the chipped paint with a coat of polyurethane and secured the door to the wall as an aesthetic divider between the TOTO and the rest of the room.  I love the door!…Penny’s idea.

Take a look!…….in a few days when the room is empty I’ll post a picture of the vanity.  The day we finished it, a guest moved in and the room has been booked since.  YES!!!!!!!

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