Mam Papaul’s visits Inn Victoria Chester Vermont

   I have several friends that can cook very well, and they swear by Mam Papaul’s dried mixes to make special meals like:
Creole Etouffee
Dirty Rice
Crawfish Pie
Red Velvet cake
and much more!!!!!……..well today, Penny and I had the opportunity to meet the creator and owner of Mam Papaul’s products; Nancy Wilson of Louisiana.  She and her husband Charles, stayed at Inn Victoria Chester Vermont while doing business at the Vermont Country Store in Weston Vermont.

Both are delightful people!  Go to their website and check out the goodies.  I asked Penny to buy me some Red Velvet Cake and Crawfish Pie…..just to start!
   Ahhhh, I love this job!

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