Jack’s Diner in Chester Vermont

Jack’s Diner in Chester, Vermont
I love home cooked food….!  I know everybody does and that is why I featured Jack’s dinner in my May Newsletter.  Penny and I like the food and people who work there so much that we wanted to post a special about them in our blog as well!  ….I promise you’ll love this place! 
First of all it is no more than a mile walk from the Inn Victoria.  But most important….the food is GREAT home cooking!  If you are fortunate enough to roll into town on a Friday evening, you have to eat their seafood.  It is absolutely outstanding.  Keep in mind that this is a reasonably priced home cooked meal….with the freshness of seafood direct from the docks in Boston every Friday.  I have twice enjoyed the best fried clams I’ve ever had; several times Penny and I have shared a plate of scallops so large that one person can’t finish a meal alone.  The fried haddock….well, I used to pride myself in preparing the finest fried haddock in Maine.  I’ve been put to shame…Jack’s is far better!  FRESH seafood is important, and Jack’s diner, has that figured out.  Ohhh, but the other meals are just as fine….and the soups are fantastic.  I’ve eaten soups at Jacks diner for half the price of many fine eateries I’ve enjoyed around the world…and offering a tremendous value.  Tonight I had cornd beef and cabbage soup….yuuummmm!
Jack Dodier, a French Canadian is the owner and has instilled a wonderful service and quality attitude in the business.  It is well worth a try.!  This little diner seats maybe 50 people…..go hungry and go early!  Sorry, no website…You’ll just have to give it a try!

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