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In May of 2014, author Annie Graves wrote an amazing article about Inn to Inn Walking Tours of Vermont for Yankee Magazine.  After investing five days and four nights to actually take in the tour with her husband, Annie created this timeless article entitled “Time to Daydream”.  The byline read; “An inn-to-inn walking adventure lets travelers discover a side of Vermont that you just can’t see by car.” 

Of the four inns involved in the walking tour at the time, two remain; Old Town Farm & Inn Victoria.  OTF offers a great farm experience and the worlds finest Japanese dinner…LOL, only in Vermont!  Aleks and Michiko are amazing chefs!  In Victoria continues to offer the finest of luxury in a romantic Vermont Victorian setting.  Two additional Inns have joined the group; The Golden Stage Inn of Proctorsville and Colonial House Inn of Weston.  Both offering unique access to Vt Country stores, the Weston Playhouse, and an outdoor pool!…oh ya, after the long walk…its pool time!

Each year since the original article was published the number of walkers enjoying the experience has grown dramatically…and believe it or not, some have returned with friends.  Take a look at the web site and ponder the possibilities.

Penny & Dan Cote                                                                                                     Owners of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed & Breakfast.





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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria