The Vermont Country Store is Wheelchair Accessible

Did you know that the Vermont Country Store in Weston, VT is 100% wheel chair accessible?
As an Innkeeper / owner of Inn Victoria in Chester, Vermont I find it difficult to understand why so few shopping and public places offer wheel chair accessibility.  It was not until we  hosted a lady with no ability to walk and bound to a wheelchair, that we faced the need to help someone find access to our amazing Southern Vermont environment.  Our guest was telling us about the horrors of her inability to access common spaces such as stores, churches, restaurants, hotels and B&B’s etc. in her travels as a frequent traveler / consultant. 

Very complementary of Inn Victoria’s wheelchair, room and shower access, I was pleased she had an extremely positive experience at Inn Victoria; but I wanted to ensure she had an equally great experience throughout the Okemo Valley.  


After hearing this my ears perked and my marketing hat went to work on where she might enjoy a great day in the hills and villages of Vermont.  One of several places I suggested that will most certainly meet and perhaps even exceed her expectations of entry and safety, was The Vermont Country Store in Weston.  Having said this with certainty, she immediately noted it in her travel notes for the day and mapped it.

Upon her return this afternoon, while seated for High Tea, she couldn’t hold back her emotions with regards to her day….especially at The Vermont Country Store. 


“Dan, I am telling you I got to visit every square inch of that store and felt great.  I felt safe and was quite impressed at the access I was allowed in this chair…a fun day!”  According to her husband, she bought out half the store!!

Hats off to the people at The Vermont Country Store, for understanding the needs of their customers.

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, for Lodging Near Okemo Mountain, Choose our Bed and Breakfast

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