Winter Wedding In Southern Vermont

Considering a winter wedding in Vermont?  Inn Victoria, Chester’s Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast recently enjoyed the honor of hosting the perfect plan.  This beautiful Bride did it right!  Everything was to perfection:
  • The longest limousine legally allowed on the road
  • The beautiful winter cape over the wedding dress
  • Color coordination for the wedding party was exquisite
  • The Victoria Suite at Inn Victoria
  • Reception at MacLaomaines Scottish Pub in Chester
  • Two great photographers willing to go anywhere with the bride and take the shot
  • A man who is willing to carry her over the threshold
  • An intimate wedding with friends and family at a reasonable financial investment


Ahhh……caught red handed!  One of the small joys of engagements & weddings at Inn Victoria, is the opportunity to etch your names into the inside walls of your room closet.

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, A Bed Breakfast Vermont Wedding

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Inn Victoria

Inn Victoria