What do the Owners of Inn Victoria, Chester Vermont do While on Vacation?

It is hard to imagine what Innkeepers do on vacation; travel the world?, Hide from people?, Sleep?.  The owners of Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast, are traveling with Holland America Cruise Lines to experience the Panama Canal and Costa Rica.

It is funny how two people like Penny and I specialize in service to others while at the Inn, but seek total seclusion for a vacation.  Because we know how difficult it must be from your vantage point how it is to imagine such a thing, we thought we’d give you one photo that says it all.  Here’s Dan, preparing for departure in his Holland America Cruise to the Panama Canal

Over the coming few weeks we will share some of our experiences while on vacation.  Believe it or not, we too need a vacation.  Certainly not from guests; after all we so enjoy serving and getting to know each of our guests, enjoying conversation and family discussions, talking about where the best place on earth might be to explore next, or how many of the “1000 Best Places to Visit” have our guests been to. 

And then, there is the endless list of things WE DO need a vacation from:

• Laundry
• Mail
• Bills
• Building upkeep and maintenance
• Interruptions at every conceivable moment….oh yes!…EVERY!
• Cleaning
• Cooking
• Marketing

No doubt, no fear…we’ll be back soon.  For now we’ll enjoy the quiet life aboard the Holland America Cruise line to the South Caribbean islands, beaches, and coconut rum.

Penny and Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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