A Unique Event Venue in Southern Vermont

Specialty events such as parties, meetings, corporate retreats, gatherings, murder mysteries, book reviews, wine tastings, family vacations, and the list goes on, are all examples of private events which require the booking of the entire inn for your group’s needs.
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Inn Victoria is a perfect venue for lively or quiet social gatherings and retreats, if managed within a capacity of 30 people. For specialty events such as these, it is best to book the entire inn so that your group has sole use of the property and all participants feel included. We will work with you to rearrange meeting rooms, customize meals, and organize surprises. Whatever the event, we have the flexibility to work with you. Our outdoor garden, “Victoria’s Secret Garden,” is a new addition to the event space. Hosting up to 65 people for an outdoor wedding or gathering, this Victorian-style garden is an intimate delight.

Our usual practice is to discuss your needs by phone, ask that you visit the inn if possible and share details of your event. The more information you give us, the better we are able to meet your expectations. We have the capacity and attention to detail that will make your event an exceptional experience. We have access to an inexpensive photographer, a local chef, masseuse, and musicians – call us.