Vermont Weddings at Inn Victoria, a Romantic Bed & Breakfast

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Plan to hold your Vermont Wedding at Inn Victoria, a romantic Bed & Breakfast.  In 2009,  Inn Victoria was awarded Yankee Magazine’s “Editors’ Choice Best Romantic Bed & Breakfast“.  Although, a very beautiful and romantic bed and breakfast, intimate weddings were not a part of the business plan at that time.  Since receiving this prestigious award, Inn Victoria set out to develop a niche for Intimate Vermont Weddings.

“We’ve hosted several intimate weddings since receiving this award and have indeed developed a very special reputation for Intimate Vermont Weddings” says Penny, owner of Inn Victoria.  “Our Romantic, 160 year old Victorian Bed and Breakfast is loved by many a bride because of its true Victorian charm, perfect bedding’s, spacious / luxurious baths, and the quintessential Vermont village just a few footsteps out the front door.

March was a very special month at Inn Victoria; hosting two weddings in the parlor, and two engagements!  Take a look at these photos!…..oh, and don’t forget to check out the Wedding section of the Web site.

Penny & Dan Cote
Owners of Inn Victoria, a Romantic, Southern Vermont Bed & Breakfast

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